Several appliances, fixed or removable, can currently be used for orthodontic treatment


Fixed orthodontic appliance (brackets/braces) in stainless steel


Fixed orthodontic appliance (brackets/braces) in ceramics

Aligners (clear, plastic-like trays)


Lingual fixed orthodontic appliance in gold ‘Incognito’

Screenshot 2016-02-03 14.48.39

The Orthodontist informs the patient and/or the parents about the characteristics of the different orthodontic appliances and selects the appliance type that is indicated for each specific treatment.

Orthodontic treatment with extraction of permanent teeth


In some cases of severe dental crowding and/or severe malocclusion orthodontic therapy may require the extraction of permanent teeth. In most extractive treatment the orthodontist chooses to extract four premolars. In some specific cases the extraction of a lower incisor is sufficient for orthodontic correction. The extraction of permanent teeth in the dental arches provides useful spaces to dental crowding resolution and/or the correction of malocclusion.


logo_3Retainers, removable or fixed (bonded), maintain the teeth in their new positions, after completion of the ‘active’ orthodontic treatment.


Fixed (splinters)

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