Dental Practice – The Office


The Waiting Room

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On entering the office the patient is received in the waiting room, where magazines and children books are available for reading.

The Orthodontic Room

In the operative area mainly dedicated to Orthodontics a television is available to entertain the patients during visits.

Equipment for Radiography

The office is equipped with a digital orthopantomograph that allows to take panoramic and lateral skull radiographs, the radiographic images usually requested for diagnosis in Orthodontics.

Digital radiography exposes the patient to a lower dose of X-rays in comparison with traditional radiography using films. Moreover, the radiographic image is immediately acquired and can be provided to the patient right away on a digital support (USB flash drive or CD-ROM).

Sterilization Room

In the sterilization room instruments are autoclaved according to current regulations. Instruments that can not be autoclaved are sterilized with chemical solutions according to current regulations. All the material that can not be sterilized is disposable.


In the reception the secretary takes care of patients appointment scheduling and administration.

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